CNC Diagnostic

Fanuc 10/11

Master Board Alarm Codes

LED Display Alarm Description Repair
A. MDI connection failure Check fiber optic cable connection between control and MDI/CRT unit.
    Replace Master Board, MDI Pcb, or fiber optic cable, small power supply front panel.
C. MDI Failure Connection Unit for operators panel or connecting cable is defective.
F. Connection Failure of connection unit or I/O cards D1 - D3 Check fiber optic cable connections between these units.
    Replace Master PCB, connection unit, I/O board, Fiber optic cable
    Failed I/O module in I/O base unit.
H. Connection Failure I/O Connection Unit 2 or its connecting cable defective.
c. Transfer error through fiber optic cable Check Front Panel Power Supply, Replace Master PCB, MDI PCB, Connection Unit PCB, I/O Unit , Fiber Optic Cable
J. PC or interface converter not functioning Check PC-ROM cassette, PC RAM Board, or interface converter is mounted on Master PCB.
L. Waiting for PC ready Replace PC ROM, PC ROM Cassette or PC RAM Board.
b. RAM check error Replace Master PCB or ROM/RAM board
8 RAM Check Check Power Supply, Clear Memory and Reload parameters. Replace Master Board.
d. Power Supply Ready Signal Replace Power Supply, Master PCB
E. System Error Replace Master PCB,Rom PCB or NC Software ROM
    Wrong option parameters
    No message on CRT- Clear memory
O. IPL Mode  
1 Normal Operation  
4 Bad ACP Replace ACP daughter board